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Ramkumar Krishnan

Clean Energy Entrepreneur and Technologist

Dr. Ramkumar Krishnan is an entrepreneur, inventor and technology leader in clean energy solutions and has recently served as the Chief Technology Officer of NantEnergy (formerly Fluidic Energy). He brings over 20 years of education, leadership and expertise in the areas of electrochemistry and energy storage, generation and conversion technologies. Dr, Krishnan joined NantEnergy in March 2008 and led product and R&D teams in the development of the company’s game changing rechargeable and long-duration Zinc-air energy storage technology. He has also been the Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Washington in 2018-19 and has been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Leaders in Energy Storage and Microgrids” by India Energy Storage Association in 2017. Prior to NantEnergy, Dr. Krishnan was a member of the technical staff in the Energy Technology Laboratory of Motorola’s Embedded Systems Research Laboratories in Tempe, Arizona. He has also served as a lecturer in the Department of Electronic Systems at Arizona State University.