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Emmanuel Bénéfice: "We intend to bring solutions that will help increasing PV self-consumption at affordable costs"

Emmanuel Benefice will speak at R-Zinc on Energy Storage.

Speaker presentation: 

Who are you and what is your personal contribution in the rechargeable (zinc) world?

"My name is Emmanuel Benefice. I am CEO of Zinium, a French startup launched by the leading energy company EDF 3 years ago. Our main focus is developping rechargeable zinc-air cells that we can put into stationary energy storage systems. We have developped original cells and proprietary BMS dedicated to our cells. We intend to bring to the markets solutions that will clearly help increasing PV self-consumption at affordable costs."

Why participating to R-Zinc? What do you think of the concept?

"R-Zinc is a first-of-its-kind event in Europe. It is a great initiative from Everzinc, that we finally have the opportunity to bluid a community of zinc batteries actors, Even if some of them will clearly be competitors. It proves that we believe in these alternative technology. Last year I attended a vey interesting event called "beyond lithium-ion batteries". We talked about zinc batteries, of course. But most of the contributions were about Lithium-based advanced technologies. 

R-Zinc is a great signal. Rechargeable Zinc batteries are not yet spread, and we need to talk with a common voice. Participating to R-Zinc was a very obvious decision for us."

What is your dedicated technology and where do you see a place for zinc in the energy world ?

"We are fully dedicated to advanced Zn-air rechargeable batteries. Zinium is our commercial brand for stationary storage systems, but the name of the company is ZnR Batteries. It says it all. We make batteries that are quite slow for both charging and discharging. That means energy-oriented, rather than power-oriented batteries. As Zinc is widely available and affordable, we are convinced that Zn-Air batteries will be a key answer to the needs of energy transition, mainly to support PV growth all around the world. And these markets are stil in front of us. I am convinced that they will have a dramatic growth during the next decade."

Source : R-Zinc