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Sunergy & Chilwee: a nickel-zinc secondary battery industrialization

Fabrice Fourgeot (Sunergy) & Yipeng Que (Chilwee) will speak at R-ZINC on October 15th, 2019.

Every battery system must take into account high level requirements in terms of technical characteristics, safety, environmental compatibility and cost.

It is why SUNERGY (SCPS), French battery R&D centre, decided to focus its strengths on the NiZn battery.

NiZn was suffering from a too short cycle life due to rapid deteriorations of its zinc anode, driving quickly to capacity losses and short circuit.

This technical deadlock is now totally eliminated thanks to the technology elaborated by Sunergy.

In 2017, the NiZn technology was transferred to CHAOWEI GROUP.

Chaowei, established in China in 1998, is #1 in Motive Power Battery Industry in the World, with 22 manufacturing sites and 22'000 employees in China, facilities in Europe & North America.

Chaowei produces Lead-acid, Lead carbon, Li-ion, sodium-nickel chloride and flow batteries.

In Chaowei's NiZn plant, equipment installation and commissioning will be completed during summer, first products will roll off the line in autumn 2019.


  • a cost close to the one of Lead-acid
  • technical performances close to those of Li-ion
  • a fully safe behaviour
  • an environmental friendliness

NiZn becomes a proper substitute to Lead-acid in many applications, and an alternative to Li-ion for stationary applications, with:

  • High energy and power densities
  • Long deep cycling life
  • High robustness
  • Large working temperatures range
  • Operating safety
  • Low cost

Chaowei is working for making NiZn one of the major battery systems for the coming decades.

Source : Sunergy