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Marcel Meeus

Sustesco bvba.

Marcel Meeus started his career in 1970 at Metallurgy Hoboken-Overpelt (later progressively transformed into the present Company Umicore) and within Umicore where he held several and highly diversified functions on several levels in Research & Development, Production, Application Management, Business Development and Battery Business Line Management. In 2007 he took up the coordination of a team focused on Technology Scouting for Umicore with a particular focus on Clean Technologies and Energy Storage. In 2010 he re-joined the Business Line Rechargeable Battery Materials as Energy Storage Technology Director. In January 2013 he retired after 42 years with Umicore and he started a private consulting company SUSTESCO, Sustainable Energy Services Consulting. As consultant he is expert in Li-Ion markets (e-mobility and energy storage), all battery technologies and future material and system developments. As consultant he is amongst others active within EMIRI (Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative).