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Fabrice Fourgeot


Dr. Fabrice FOURGEOT, CEO at Sunergy has a PhD in materials science and solid chemistry. Fabrice Fourgeot has over 20 years of experience in electrochemical storage at Sunergy. From 2002 to 2018, he developed a NiZn technology capable of doing 2000 cycles on 100% DoD at C rate. Over the same period, he participated in various ANR (French Agency of National Research) projects: The ANZAS project for the development of a stationary NiZn battery; The AZTEQUE project for the development of a Zinc-Air battery, a project that knows a continuity with the Zinium start-up of EDF, The ROBOBAT project in collaboration with CEA-Liten, in which a NiZn 12V – 7Ah bipolar battery was developed for the first time, able to supply a robot with a performance comparable to the project's competing Li-ion technologies.

Patent and Publication: 2 Patents and 19 publications.