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Welcome to R-ZINC, the first European meeting on
Rechargeable Zinc Technologies


Zinc is abundant, economical, safe, recyclable and above all full of energy! Zinc has a major role to play in the future of batteries as new technologies are continuously emerging all over the world.

R-ZINC offers you the opportunity to discover the latest developments and applications from the energy sector during the first meeting entirely dedicated to rechargeable zinc battery technologies and markets in the capital of Europe.


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Why R-ZINC ?

At EverZinc, we are convinced that zinc will become a key component of the energy ecosystem in the next decades. In the rechargeable battery markets where many opportunities are emerging, from e-mobility to e-stationary applications, zinc represents the optimal solution in many areas. Zinc is cheaper, more available, more sustainable and safer compared to other technologies, making it a credible candidate for e-buses, scooters, bikes and forklifts and also for on- and off-grid stationary storage systems, in domestic and industrial power, telecom and emergency systems.